About RBC

(Welcome to the Royal Blue Coast)

 Royal Blue Coast Dubai, the pioneer in chartering yachts, has its own respectable name and followers for it has been proving its excellence in the business for the last twelve years. The company has fulfilled uncountable hearts' wishes to enjoy the serene marine cruise through the Gulf waters with its unrivaled hospitality and knowledgeable crew. RBC Dubai has its own fleet which makes it unique from other yacht chartering companies.

We as an amalgamated organization, which only secrets lie in the teamwork and humane approaches and perspectives, take pleasure in providing the best of the services, which includes yacht all-inclusive rental services to the travelers.

 The dedicated team behind the company is knowledgeable and experienced in addition to its genial nature. RBC aspire good times and memorable moments for fellow travelers.

Royal Blue Coast yachts Dubai is located in the heart of the Dubai Marina, famous for its splendid waters and grand views. We have the best trip packages at reasonable prices for the travelers who couldn't help but yearns to explore the Gulf waters and to spend quality time in the presence of nature's wonders. The part of Dubai Marina could be only explored at its fullest level with Royal Blue Coast Dubai.


Along with the crew, there are captains of the yachts, who hold 100 ton masters licenses, whose knowledge and wisdom are not trivial but of utmost importance. Deckhands are too experienced, well trained in safety, rescue operations and emergency procedures. Meet our team to have the best of the cruise in Dubai Marina.


The team's passion is set deeply in the heart of the Royal Blue Coast yachts Dubai. So the company continually flourish into being the best.