All charter companies have penalties in main places of Dubai & Related Emirates if any Rules & Regulations of Dubai Coast Guard is violated. If rules are broken by RBC Guests, we have all the right to pass on anyone to the guards, if incurred due to non-compliance or disregard for the rules set out by the coastguard & enforced by your Captain & Crew.

As per the law, all Guests should carry their original Emirates I.D Or Visa Copy, Passport, Emirates ID or Emirates Driving License.

Abusing under alcohol & subsequent reckless behaviour from the on boarders may result in fines or a termination of the charter.

Life jackets are required to be worn by the guests when the coast guard ask to wear or at the time of  a weather warning.

Littering to the water cannot be tolerated.

In regard to the guest safety, swimming is not allowed more than three meters from the Yachts / Boats by the Coastguard.



As per UAE law, the number of onboarding guests must be confirmed within 24 hours in prior to the departure and should not be exceeded from the allowed capacity. Infants will also be counted.



Many factors are involved in selecting a yacht according to your need and our experts are available to help you with this. You will be facilitated in choosing a right yacht according to the number of guests and the purpose. We are happy to help you in finding the most suitable packages in accordance with your budget. However, a general guideline for booking is as follows:

You can contact us either by Call, Online Chat or Email

50% of down payment has to be made at the time of the confirmation and remaining at the time of on-boarding (Prior to departure)

Our sales team are available to attend and facilitate for all of your questions.  You can mention to them regarding your Pick and drop, cake, catering (food), decoration etc.

Package and the date of travel will be considered as booked only after the advance payment is done.

All chartering packages have a Vat of 5% and it will be collected from the respective bookings.